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How to Retrofit Your Existing Play Space

If you have an existing outdoor playground that you would like to make more user friendly to those on the Spectrum or with other challenges, we are here to help!!! There are many elements that can be creatively integrated in your current outdoor plays space that will create more common ground for those with Diff-(erent)Abilities!!

Here are some ideas that are easy to implement!

- Add places to retreat and re-center/ "cocooning" elements:
- Willow dome or bamboo tunnel
- Kid-sized, small scale weeping trees
- Hammocks or hammock type swings
- Tented platforms or tree houses with "windows" to see out/in

Add nature and create gardening places:

- Green it up!!! Add Plants!!! Think Sensory!!! Think texture, color, scent, form & seasonal interest!!
- Provide lots of shade….plant some native trees, or add a shade structure or umbrellas to protect sensitive skin and reduce visual glare!!
- Create some raised gardening beds…plant some seedlings and get those little hands in the dirt!!!
- Try vertical wall gardening or gardening in pots if your space is limited

Add some elements of consistency:

- Paint some geometric shapes along an existing path or create a new wider, smoother path throughout the play space
- Add some illustrative signage, especially at the entrance and at other key points if the space is larger
- Incorporate flags or windsocks in a predictable pattern
- Consider adding some "all in one" fixed tables and chairs

OR, Give us a call to assess your outdoor play space for a customized plan to create safety, comfort, fun and accessibility as well as a connection to nature for all children!!!